"Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san Z" Assortment Bento

24 SUKI!
  • Liz Garcia
  • Italo Pacheco Wiener
  • Hâmza Chargui
  • Wade Smyth
  • Aiman Faraz
  • Johnson Woods
  • Pulse
  • Momoduchy
  • Koroshi Fini Shirayuki
  • GonChan
  • Vittorio Filipputi
  • kenji2x
  • Sachiko Wakabayashi

"Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san Z" Assortment Bento

A random “problem solving” poster I saw
You might not want counseling now
but you, who are remotely controlling your family as a housewife, wife or mother
will surely be interested in who is going to help you solve your “problem”
when it comes to the “worst”

Just about then
I knew about the existence of the “Akutabe Detective Agency”
Some days, reality and demon detectives overlap

I picked up a “pig’s feet” in the supermarket
I commented in Kazoku LINE that “I’ll make tonight’s curry from this sacrifice!♪”

Then, I realized how terrible I was and came to my senses
Hey, I need to clear my head
before I inadvertently make a contract!

*by the way, the “pig feet curry” was rejected <as expected

★This bento is featured in the May 10 issue of Animage (Tokuma Shoten)

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