Jeisonsan carves a big Mio statue! (K-On!)

26 SUKI!
  • Aubrey McConnell
  • Alex
  • Nizam Iskandar
  • Viktor Szeles
  • Phạm Thị Thu Nga
  • JH OH
  • Ariane Boucher-Buguet
  • Cathy Evers
  • アルグ カルロス
  • Boompass
  • Hoang Hipster Ketchum
  • Taryn Eveland
  • Aiman Faraz

I received a request, so I carved Mio-chan from “K-On!” in big.
It took 8 hours to complete.
It was very hot the day the video was shot.
Please take a look if you’d like.

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