Hiiragi Miyako

Illustrator - Japan
I create illustrations using faint watercolors. I work mainly in Kanto and participate in Comitia and exhibits.


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The Day the Stars Slept
The Day the Stars Slept
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Cosmos Art Book
Cosmos Art Book
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  • Temptation

    If it’s to tempt that angel any form will do, a sly demon smiled again.


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  • So I Can Sleep

    I can’t sleep no matter how many I count.
    There is no end in sight no matter how many I count.

    From the art book “Kitte.” https://otakumode.com/shop/55ed96ea9149a05d1bbb796e/Kitte

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  • "DEVA"

    The front cover of an art book themed after animal personifications x lingerie.
    I drew both the female and male with a feminine look.

    From the art book “DEVA.”


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  • Eternal Alice

    And then Alice lived forever in Wonderland.
    Wonderful, wonderful.

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  • Year of the Horse → Year of the Sheep

    2014 → 2015
    Year of the Horse → Year of the Sheep

    2015 New Year’s card.
    I look forward to your support again this year.

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About Me

Hiiragi Miyako

Illustrator / Japan

I began my activities in fall 2009. Aside from being mainly active in Comitia and ARTs*LABo, I also often participate in exhibits in and around Kanto.

Legends, fairy tales, young boys, and stars are some of the motifs I like.
I allow “instant” and “eternity” into my heart while working every day.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at the address below.
a★hickey.flop.jp (★→@)


  • GenreIllustration
  • NationalityJapanese
  • GenderFemale
  • Date of Birth10/27
  • Blood TypeA
  • Zodiac SignScorpio
  • Years Active6
  • Area of ActiveyTokyo, Japan


    15.09.07–13 Pages - SHOSEN DESIGN EVENT - in JIMBOCHO Vol. Yokai
    14.12.12–16 ARTs*LABo Ex2014 COLORs*
    14.06–07 Planetarium Usagiza / Tokyo
    12.07 Shonen Exhibit II -Comet Trip-
    11.05 WATER LINE -Shiki-
    11.04 jishin_auction charity aution original art
    10.12–01 Yokohama Jazz Hall 2011 joint project 1st Art Oogiri
    Other doujinshi illustrations, etc.

    Creator Interview Q&A

    Q. How did you get into drawing?

    A. I was influenced by seeing the activities of a friend.

    Q. What are you particular about in your work?

    A. I draw with an awareness of what kind of existence the character (human / boy / girl / god / demon / etc…) has. After that, it’s beautifully drawing beautiful animals.

    Q. How long does your work take to create?

    A. It depends on the paper size.
    Card size: about 2-4 hours
    F4 size: between 1 day and 1 week

    Q. When do you come up with ideas for your work?

    A. Before going to bed, while in deep thought, while riding my bike, while in the shower, etc.