Toro Octani

Illustrator - Japanese
I am a freelance illustrator who is primarily active within Japan. Currently, I focus on creating work for card games.



  • Depths Queen

    I drew this of a deep sea queen who loves jewels.

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  • Ribbon and Stars

    This is a girl wrapped up in stars. She is my kanban musume (a pretty girl that attracts business). I was attentive to the illustration’s aura.

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  • Warring States Girl

    This is a battle girl dancing elegantly while holding fans.

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About Me

Toro Octani

Illustrator / Japanese

I am a freelance illustrator who is primarily active within Japan.
Currently, I am focused on creating work for card games.
Generally speaking, I put a lot of effort into drawing cute girls.
I also prefer frills, ribbons, and the Warring States theme.

  • Creator NameToro Octani
  • GenreIllustration
  • NationalityJapanese
  • GenderFemale

    Career History

    I have experience studying manga at an art university.
    2012 - CaravanYU Bura ☆ Kafue character design
    2013 - 12 items for a card game currently being produced

    Creator Interview

    How did you happen upon drawing?

    From around the time I was in kindergarten, I drew the characters from various anime that I liked. Then when I was in middle school, I joined a manga research club. From high school, I reached the point of wanting to seriously draw as an occupation. Now, I have attained that aspiration.

    What are you picky about?

    While I am drawing girls, I think kawaii kawaii, and when I am drawing boys, I think cool cool. Particularly when I draw girls, I become fanatic and absorbed. For the rest, I make sure to draw in a good mood as much as possible while listening to music.

    How long does it take to complete a work?

    A rough sketch can take 10 minutes to an hour and coloring can take four to eight hours. Particularly elaborate poses and details are tough to complete in a short time, so those end up taking a long time.

    How do you come up with your ideas?

    Ideas are often born from something I see when watching an anime, reading a manga, or shopping in a clothing store. Other works are also a big influence.