Memento of a Spring Filled with Starry Oceans

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Memento of a Spring Filled with Starry Oceans

On the night when my little sister was born, I had a strange, adolescent dream. The dream was about a boy with shining hands wearing a black fox mask who was running through a profoundly pure forest. I couldn’t see his face behind the mask, but it somehow felt nostalgic, and when I remember back on it, I even felt a dearness for him. Before the suddenly sprawling, profoundly pure forest, a jet black dragon that cast such a big shadow that it seemed to swallow up the night sky was standing, his breath silent. With just a glance, my heart was filled with a sharp, dull pain, sorrow, sadness, and nostalgia. I knew the shape of that soul. I had said that I wanted to meet. Wondrously, those words naturally fell on my heart.

Someday, I will definitely return there.
Until then, I hope that person doesn’t feel lonely.

(excerpt from a picture scroll of a certain love story)

I drew this in the image of the love story of the circle of transmigration.
I based the design of the character on the left after a close friend.

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