The Dragon Fairy of Harvest

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The Dragon Fairy of Harvest

Here, Grandma will tell you a story. Do you know this one? It’s a story from long, long ago.
In a land stricken by drought and famine, a woman suddenly appears from nowhere.
Coral red horns and dark eyes harbouring a faint light, it was obvious at first glance that she wasn’t human.
She excelled at reading the pulse of the earth. You are asking what that is?
It is something that flows to the end of the world and back, it is where souls come from.
It’s like the veins of the Dragon God who made the Earth.
Just like blood flows in our veins, the Earth also has blood flowing underneath.
If it stagnates, the Earth falls ill, if it’s hurt, blood will gush out. She excelled at reading such things.
She told the people of the land to make yarn from the crops growing along the flows, that way the drought and the hunger would ease up little by little. By the time they noticed, she was already gone.
Whether she is the Dragon God’s messenger or a spirit coming from the strange land of the East End, the truth keeps flowing just like the Earth’s pulse.

The gods and spirits from grandmother’s stories, what are they doing now?
The woman who reads the Earth’s pulse and brings harvest, how was she called...the Dragon Fairy of Harvest, if I’m not mistaken.
Is she still alive somewhere on this Earth or....

(extracted from a page of an old looking nameless diary)

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