[NNC+] Final Fantasy type-0 cosplay performance

10 SUKI!
  • Riki
  • Elvis
  • Muhammad
  • Chittakone
  • Elram
  • Elvie
  • Lee
  • Richard
  • Suryo
  • Muhammad

NNC+ team ( https://www.facebook.com/NNCcosroom ) -Final Fantasy Type-0 cosplay in Natsu Matsuri


♠ Ace by Silverx
♠ Deuce by Fairy
♠ Trey by ThanhLe
♠ Cater by Hitomi
♠ Cinque by Poka
♠ Seven by KellFung
♠ Eight by Rei
♠ Nine by Ryuusei Ki
♠ Queen by Shuu Kazuna
♠ King by Ansem Xemnas
♠ Machina by Haki Mei
♠ Rem by Luu Ming

Camera-man: Jim Võ

Staff: Meo chan , Taki Nguyễn and Sói Khùng

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