Dexter Suerte

Action Figure Photographer - Singapore
Hi to all! I’m Dexter Suerte a photographer in the genre of action figure photography. I’m also a figure collector and a huge fan of Black Rock ★ Shooter which is obviously seen on my feed. Thanks for visiting and enjoy my page Buddies. “Tomorrow is never a PROMISE”



  • In Depth of Dreams

    This shot is one of my personal favorites because it was successfully published in "The Wandering Fay: Nendoroid Fan Photobook" and was a display poster at Nendonesia Photo booth during the last Anime Festival Asia 2012 held in Indonesia.

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  • Passion before Fashion

    It’s Dead Master and her Neko-chan in my Graveyard Diorama setting wherein I re-created a scene that suitably fits her with that kind of SCYTHE.

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  • Attack, Attack

    One of my best signature poses for Insane and making her levitates does really need effort. I would like to thank my buddies @silly_human and @cjesim for this shot. I know you get what I mean.  Outdoor Photography at its best!

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  • In Love and Death

    Aside for taking pictures of my figures inside my diorama, an equivalent concept is from the band and songs that I always play on my iPod. This shot is inspired by “The Used” album as entitled above and I try to pose her in a mellow/melodic form that will give you a feeling of emotions and guilt based on this photo.

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  • TOM Creator Day

    It was a nice feeling that I just bought her a few weeks back and she got featured many times in Facebook Pages like Good Smile Company (English), Nendonesia plus on Instagram as Photo Pick of the Day at @toycrewbuddies.  And after I posted her is the mark of the day when I received the invitation to be part of TOM Special Creator. So again, this photo is dedicated for TOM users all over the world and thanks for letting me to be part of the Team.

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About Me

Dexter Suerte

Action Figure Photographer / Singapore

I started my roots on Instagram (2011) and at first I was collecting Nendoroid only. I loved to see how their cute poses would look like. Realizing that it’s not the collection that matters but to ‘Love and Keep ‘em Toys Alive’ by expressing the real deal through figure photography.
My photos are composed of dioramas, customs & mashed-up weapons, sunset series, outdoor shoots, and darkroom settings and lastly 80% of my feed will be Black Rock Shooter figures.
I want to meet my buddies who share the same passion and hobby as me. I hope you support my works and enjoy checking out my photos!

  • NameDexter Suerte Alimagno
  • Online UsernameDexter Suerte
  • Genre:Action Figure Photography
  • Gender:Male
  • Experience:Since 2011
  • Nationality:Filipino but based in Singapore
  • Camera Gear:Canon EOS 60D with 50mm f/1.8
  • Software:Adobe Photoshop CS5, Photoscape


    2013 - Featured numerous times on Good Smile Company (English) fan page for my Black Rock Shooter Figures
    2013 – Invited to be part of the @Toycrewbuddies Facebook Group Admin (The Biggest Toy Group on Instagram)
    2012-2103 - Featured numerous times as “PHOTO PICKS OF THE DAY” at @Toycrewbuddies Page on Instagram with different varieties of my figure collection
    2012 – Received “Best of 2012” Top 30 Figure Photo on Instagram under @Toycrewbuddies Page
    2012 – 2 out of 4 submission was successfully included and published in "The Wandering Fay: Nendoroid Fan Photobook" and was a display poster at Nendonesia Photo booth during the last Anime Festival Asia 2012 held at Indonesia