Coast in the Clouds 「何となく」

  • Shaine K. Santos
  • Elizabeth Resendiz
  • OliviapBrown224
  • BEATS23
  • Kai

Lyrics in description box:

The song is written through the perspective of a troubled teen and is also dedicated to those who have experienced numbness within their own heart due to all the emotional scars that dig deep into their own lives. We've all looked into our own hearts for some light, a light at the end of the tunnel. Though we look and look, we may have only gotten ourselves stuck even deeper. We want to express that there is still hope and that you are not alone, for we are here. We may not understand completely what you are going through or where you come from, but we hope that you listen to this song and find escape from the emotional numbness and scars through our song 「何となく」 (Nan to Naku).

We hope our emotions reach you.

何となく (Nan to Naku) translates to "For An Unknown Reason"

Coast in the Clouds is a 5 piece rock band from San Jose, CA. Influenced by various genres from Japan and America, Coast in the Clouds brings a new style of music with both Japanese and English lyrics to audiences of varying musical tastes. Accompanied by high energy performances, Coast in the Clouds aims to make an impact in music all over the world by bridging two of the most popular nations in music.

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