Reality of the Moment

72 SUKI!
  • Ingrid Del Rosario Rodriguez Fajardo
  • Jesus Campero
  • Ngọc Minh
  • Teoh Qingyang
  • Otaku Jonallen Eshnaur
  • James Marcial
  • Misora
  • Eric Gauthier
  • jakb
  • Mikoto Kurage
  • EtherwXlf
  • Cristian Herran Romero
  • Ester Martín Mallol

Reality of the Moment

my unit みみめめMIMI’s new song MV come out!!

✦The song name is “Reality of the Moment”(瞬間リアリティ).

You can watch Music Video short version from now!

✦Music Video (short ver.)


✦みみめめMIMI OFFICIAL twitter ✧

✦pixiv page

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