Nevermore!! #8: Misty Drop (or Medicine for Melancholia)

  • Changlian01
  • lazyotaku13
  • Fabio Albuquerque
  • Lina Alvares
  • Paul Dalton
  • Barlle
  • Isabel Reguera
  • Paula
  • Elvis Vasquez

The world’s strongest witch is an overly self-indulgent, useless otaku…
The carefree and sometimes violent story of this otaku witch and her four familiars is told in the slapstick comedy, “Nevermore!!”
When life is just too much, you can always take a nap to make things better. After living for thousands of years, it’s impossible to remember every tiny detail.

Artist: asahiro (
Writer: usagi computing (
Movie: Side Ranch Co. Ltd. (

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