Nevermore!! #5: Magick Meals

13 SUKI!
  • Fabio
  • Paul
  • Katelynn
  • Lina
  • Joseph
  • Bluthic
  • Daniel
  • Programmer...
  • seandeanwr...
  • JH
  • Elvis
  • Paula
  • Riki

The world’s strongest witch is an overly self-indulgent, useless otaku…
The carefree and sometimes violent story of this otaku witch and her four familiars is told in the slapstick comedy, “Nevermore!!”
The witch may be self-indulgent, but she can at least make food for her familiars! The way she makes it...well, to put it nicely, is very “otaku-like.”

Artist: asahiro (
Writer: usagi computing (
Movie: Side Ranch Co. Ltd. (

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