Nevermore!! #1: CONTRAIL

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The world’s strongest witch is an overly self-indulgent, useless otaku…
The carefree and sometimes violent story of this otaku witch and her four familiars is told in the slapstick comedy, “Nevermore!!”
This is only the first episode, but things are already going downhill…

Artist: asahiro (
Writer: usagi computing (
Movie: Side Ranch Co. Ltd. (


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  • zeldamaster7453

    I like how I knew what they were talking about even before Jun Maeda was brought up. Air was spoiled for me, lol. Btw I love your art, its so unique!

  • Jutta Pedersen

    I needed to pause this a lot to read (I’m a slow reader). But the pace is actually perfect to illustrate Witch’s chaotic emotions. The inner conflict between logic and her hopes and expectations. I’m excited to see all four of her familiars. A cute first episode :)

  • RyuYokai

    Not bad! @.@ I agree, some of the text was to fast to read. Having music playing in the background would be nice. Also give each character their own color or symbol or something so we can tell who is talking. I did enjoy watching it I can’t wait to see the next video. ^_^

  • DarkNova

    Woha! That was fast! (Literally, really fast. Please, try to fix this). Interesting character, I want to know more about her. I love asahiro's work, and the sounds are cute and funny. I'm already waiting for the next chapter.

  • Sheen Hunter

    text is a little too fast, but cute art and fun sounds