Character: Witch

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Character: Witch

Appearance: Human
Magical Abilities: Power over all creation / making things
Role: The ruler of Witch's Forest

Witch is the ruler of Witch's Forest, a strange place that exists in a space all its own. She's immortal, the most powerful sorceress in the world, but she's also bound by certain conditions that restrict her interactions with others. She has control over the laws of nature, and can bend them to her will. In this world, Witch is the game master, and she's ridiculously overpowered. She also happens to be idiotic, self-indulgent, and a total otaku.

No matter what injuries she suffers, Witch can recover in the blink of an eye. For Witch, death itself doesn't exist. Even if she's subjected to an endless onslaught of physical damage, she can find a way out. Regardless of the methods used, there's just no way to keep Witch dead, either physically or mentally.

Her impressive magical abilities might make her seem all-powerful, but fate prevents her from being able to influence anyone else's destiny.

Her actual age is a mystery.

Witch is an extreme otaku, and she's constantly absorbed in anime, games, manga, and light novels. She loves bishoujo and bishounen characters, and she squanders her immortal life on her otaku interests.

Text: usagi computing
Translation: Tokyo Otaku Mode

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