Character: Terr

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Character: Terr

Appearance: A demi-human with the ears of a dog
Magical Ability: Preservation
Role: Witch's little butler

Terr is one of the familiars that Witch created. He 's a demi-human that Witch created from a puppy she found in Witch's Forest. He appears to be around 10 to 12 years old.

As you might expect from his slender appearance, Terr isn't very strong, and he's also rather timid. He acts normally when he's around Witch and the other familiars, but he tends to hide away when visitors come to the house.

His duties include cooking, cleaning, and housework. He also takes care of the crops in the garden's vegetable plot and looks after the animals.

Text: usagi computing
Translation: Tokyo Otaku Mode

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