Character: Alice and Telece

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Character: Alice and Telece

Appearance: Dead person
Magical Ability: Aim
Role: Sniper with a fetish for ties

Alice is the youngest of Witch's familiars. A young girl who appeared in Witch's Forest, Alice's identity is a mystery. She was already dead when Witch found her, and Witch reanimated her corpse.

She usually seems to be in a bit of a daze, and it's difficult for people who don't know her to imagine what she's thinking. Perhaps her vocal cords don't work very well, because she barely talks at all. Communicating with Alice often requires putting pen to paper.

She doesn't have many duties around the house yet, but she follows Telece around and sometimes lends him a hand.

It could be Witch's influence, but Alice loves BL, and she's particularly interested in characters who wear suits. Maybe that's why she has such a huge tie fetish - she sometimes demonstrates unusual behavior like demanding that Telece and Terr wear ties.

Appearance: Man-made human
Magical Ability: Control
Role: General affairs guy

Telece is a homunculus, and he's worked for Witch longer than anyone else has. He knows more about Witch than anyone else does, and he also shows her the least respect. Witch has known Telece for so long that she doesn't remember what he's made from or how she even made him.

Like Bunyan, Telece is a warrior. However, Telece mainly uses firearms rather than engaging in hand-to-hand combat. Recently the task of taking care of Alice has been added to his duties.

Telece is a lazy guy who looks like he's ready for bed 24/7. His favorite phrases are "I'm tired", "I'm sleepy", and "I just wanna lie down".

Text: usagi computing
Translation: Tokyo Otaku Mode

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