The Peacock Princess

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  • Teresa Lai
  • Toki
  • Raymond Moyer
  • Elvis Vasquez
  • PrismAmy2684
  • Gojira Yamarajsha
  • Karennina
  • Mary Pelletier
  • schala
  • Zainab Anjum
  • Michelle Iashmine Mauhs
  • Damoo Daiki
  • MerMer Odracasm

The Peacock Princess

I used an Indian peacock design for this piece. Since I hadn't really used Asian motifs, it was a fresh experience for me. The making of was written up in the November 2010 issue of MdN, on sale in October 2010.

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Please check it out if you are interested. The total work time including capture was about 16 hours, so it was quite an effort!

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