Era Era

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Era Era


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Era Era

This work expresses the theme, ‘to shine,’ and the motif I chose is based on the legend of ‘Ama-no-Iwato’ from japanese mythology. The title, Era Era is classical Japanese meaning ‘to laugh and enjoy.’
Amaterasu Omikami, the sun goddess, hid in a cave to escape her brother Susanoo-no-mikoto’s violent behavior. This resulted in the world becoming shrouded in darkness so the other gods decided to hold a feast in the hope of luring Amaterasu out. With the help of Futodama, Ame-no-Koyane and various other gods, Ama-no-uzume, who was the goddess of revelry and the arts, began to perform a dance. Intrigued by the sounds of merriment, Amaterasu poked her head out from the cave where she saw her own radiance reflected in a mirror that had been placed there and stepped outside.
I think that her story of solving problems while enjoying yourself with song and dance expresses the wonderful role played by art. In addiction to the shining brightness of Amaterasu’s light, this work also expresses the shining beauty of art.

Created in February 2024

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