illustrator/Singer/Artist - Japan
Nicknamed the “Singing Artist of the Heisei Period.” Debuted from TOY’S FACTORY in 2011 with the song “antinotice.” Akiakane is vigorous in her music activities, having released her first album “Boroborona Ikizama” in April 2012, her second album “DRAGONFLY” in November 2012, and her third album “SQUARE” in 2014. Akiakane has worked on CD jackets for many popular artists including popular folk duo Yuzu and Mayu Watanabe, as well as the opening theme, character designs, and composition of the TBS program “Kinsma.” Recently, she created an official music video for LORDE, winner of Song of the Year at the 2014 Grammy Awards.


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Log w/ Bonus Postcard
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About Me


illustrator/Singer/Artist / Japan


A 22-year-old female artist nicknamed “Singing Painter of the Heisei Period.” She publishes various works in collaboration with many artists on online posting sites. In 2011, she debuted from TOY’S FACTORY with the song “antinotice.” She released her first album “Boroborona Ikizawa” in April 2012 and her second album “DRAGONFLY” in November of the same year. She has aggressively performed her style of live music with live drawing overseas in France, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mexico. She is highly-praised as a painter. She has worked on CD jacket designs for folk duo Yuzu, Mayu Watanabe, and many more popular singers. Moreover, she has worked on the opening animation for the TBS program “Kinsma.” Recently, she produced an official MV for LORDE who won the 2014 Grammy for Song of the Year. She is a top ranked creator on the art community Pixiv and she attracts massive attention and expectations from the future painters whom she continues to inspire.


  • Creator NameAkiakane
  • GenderFemale
  • Years ActiveMajor debut in 2011
  • LocationJapan


    - LORDE "Royals" official Japanese PV
    - Movie "Ender's Game" poster illustration
    - HONDA "Uni-Cub β" illustration