Ai Gonoi

Illustrator - Japan
I'm Ai Gonoi. I'm an illustrator who draws using analog materials.



  • Knot

    The cats don't call us good or bad.

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  • Spear

    If you just called my name, I'd cut through without hesitation...

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  • Snake of the Attic

    "The old lady must have told you to keep out of the attic," the snake said in a preaching manner. And yet the snake just arbitrarily settled there.

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About Me

Ai Gonoi

Illustrator / Japan

I am obsessed about coloring with transparent watercolors and acrylic paint. I am interested in painting “the material of humans,” such as the skin or the eyes, and I want to draw people in a way that one could feel as if they were here. I like plants and shaved heads.


  • Creator NameAi Gonoi
  • GenreIllustration
  • NationalityJapanese
  • GenderFemale
  • Birthday6/10
  • Blood TypeA
  • HoroscopeGemini
  • Years Active9
  • RegionFukushima, Japan

    Materials Used

    Watercolors, acrylic, and color pencils.
    I make the first coat with acrylic, then paint on it with watercolors.
    I aim to paint in a way that the texture of human skin and plants can be felt.

    About My Work

    From long ago, I’ve always been more drawn to dark, silent things rather than bright, vigorous, cute things, and I was also rescued by those kinds of works. I paint because I want to get closer to the feelings of those who feel lonely, isolated, anxious, or afraid of the world surrounding them, and I want to paint pictures that can be at least of a little help to them.