Story ~YAMATO~

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Story ~YAMATO~

Size: 65 x 370 x 55
Made of: Kent paper, military novels
Made in 2006

Full length 263,0 m, displacement 69000 tons, 3 of 45 caliber 46 cm triple turrets.

Said to be the biggest and strongest battleship of its time, “Battleship Yamato” was made with the finest technologies of the Imperial Japanese Navy. It was named after ancient Japan and it also has the country’s shape. It was called the “unsinkable battleship”, the unsinkable iron castle.

However, the ship was left behind the times before it could even show its power. It was sunken on April 7, 1945 at northern latitude 30 degrees 43 minutes 47 seconds east longitude 128 degrees 04 minutes 00 seconds 176 km South from Meshima of Danjo Islands, Nagasaki prefecture. That large hull is silently sleeping 345m under the depth of the ocean, along with the story of 3332 crewmen, praying never to wake up again.

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