deuy chevaux 2cv

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deuy chevaux 2cv

Size: 85 × 215 × 75
Material: Kent paper (overseas magazine Life)
Year completed: 2010

The French civilian car Citroen 2CV became widespread after WW2, and its humorous design became loved in Europe and the rest of the world.

However, during WW2, France was occupied by Nazi Germany and the Citroen company came under control of the Nazis. Being discontent that the 2CV was being used by many Nazis at the time, many of the cars still in production were either destroyed or buried in the factory's walls and underground by Citroen itself to stop the Nazis from using them. Since the war, several buried 2CVs from that time have been found.

By the way, 2CV means two horsepower. It was named this so that it would fall into the taxation category of basic automobile taxation in France. In reality though, the car isn’t only two horsepower, this is more of a pet name.

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