菩薩 (Púsà )

No one knew where he came from. He just appeared one day out of the blue, wielding an iron staff that changes into a kwan dao. He spoke little, if at all, and usually kept to himself. There were a lot of stories spreading around about him, most of which refer to him as a Púsà. It was strange; he looked nothing like a bodhisattva and he certainly didn’t carry himself as a monk either. His appearance was more like that of a warrior, yet one can sense great spiritual power emanating from him. Who is he?

… Or rather, what is he?


Something that I came up with as the Chinese response to Japan's Mononoke. I'm planning to do a series of these paintings that tells a story involving Chinese mythology so I'm very excited, to say the least. I've always wanted to do Chinese art, but was too afraid to attempt it until now. Not exactly great, but not exactly awful either. :) It's a start.

Inspired by the stunning visuals and amazing story of Okami and Mononoke.

Media: washable markers, water, black ink brush-pen, 11x15 white coldpress watercolor paper

Yes, it is completely HAND-DRAWN. D: The only thing digital in this is my red seal watermark.

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