Cosplay/Web-Design/Web-Developing - Ukraine
Hi everyone! I’m a cosplayer and a creative web-designer all in one. I like to bring favorite heroes and creative web-ideas to life in the best way.



  • Gunji / Togainu no Chi

    Togainu no Chi was our first team project. I love Gunji – his crazy, wild nature and blood craze.

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  • Zess/ Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitteiru
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  • Original cosplay / “Dark Light”

    One day I thought “What would be the union of darkness and light with some humanizing?” Actually, we created this characters from what we had at home with the help of a few hours and some imagination.

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  • Haseo / .Hack G.U.//Trilogy

    .Hack series are great and nontrivial games, in my opinion. A game and anime about gamers – what can be better? Its story and morals are close to many people.

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  • Meito / Vocaloid

    Meito is my favorite one from the Vocaloid group, and I like red colors. That’s why I decided to do him.

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About Me


Cosplay/Web-Design/Web-Developing / Ukraine

I met Japanese animation and music not as early as most others, but early in 2008, when I was already a second year student. But, my interest grew rapidly and in the later part of 2009 I thought “Wow! Maybe it would be nice to try to bring my favorite character alive.” So, I did that. Cosplay in my view is not only about a good costume. It’s having similar physical characteristics, it’s pure role playing. You need to talk, move, laugh, and fight as the character. It’s not that you need to be like him. You need to be him. I’m the founder of the cosplay group “Overpowered”, we create more and more sophisticated and high-quality cosplay together each and every time we meet.

My second hobby and job is web-development. It started as a simple interest and has now grown into a profession. I specialize in creative design and animation to make websites unique. I’ve made more than a hundred different projects, from simple online business cards to fully developed web-projects.

I like to look good, so hard workouts at the gym are an important part of my life.

I’m music lover and there are many great bands, but my favorite is Nightwish (the “old” one).

I’m a multiple winner of many anime convents in different cosplay nominations such as stage performances and competitions for the best cosplay photo.


  • UsernameSinitar
  • GenderMale
  • Birthday1989/07/21
  • Height182 cm / 71 inches
  • Blood Type3 / B
  • Zodiac SignCancer
  • Years Active3
  • RegionUkraine

    What I like to Cosplay

    I prefer to cosplay true-gender characters only and only the characters from anime, game, or other sources that I have seen, played, or read.

    My Web-development Tools

    I only make unique designs for each project, and I also bring some “pearl” into the project. I consider and then implement creative animation using progressive CSS3/HTML5/JQuery capabilities.

    This project is a one-page creative designed website, based on parallax scrolling - scroll the page down and you'll see how the blocks come with different animations, powered by CSS3-transitions. Animation is conceived and implemented by me.
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