[Mystic Monarch] Witch Commander

586 SUKI!
  • netsparker
  • Zero2.0
  • Thuong Nguyen Tien
  • Arian Searcy
  • Alexey  Kobzar
  • Bảo Bảo
  • Alejandro Rocha
  • Mandy Tan Hong Ying
  • Mark Spencer
  • Vivien Mjollnir
  • Kuota Oyamada
  • Serena Chatlovsky
  • Nevada Sparks

[Mystic Monarch] Witch Commander

With my all-powerful mystic brigade, full preparations made for battle, weighty intelligence, and me at the helm, we have no chance of losing this war. Full speed ahead!

Cunning Victory

Big boost to Holy War points upon victory



-PWR Required


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