[Ruler of Air Flow] Wind God

1760 SUKI!
  • Zero2.0
  • Sailor Moon Costumes
  • Dragon Ball Z Merchandise
  • Matei Marian
  • Patroclo Solano Rabago
  • Raymond Moyer
  • Jon Haugen
  • Joossee Maariinn
  • Anh Chang Hang Xom
  • Mario Andrés Osorio
  • Joshua GL Wong
  • Josef Hernandez
  • Peter Blenkinsop

[Ruler of Air Flow] Wind God

I shall birth now the greatest wind yet known, one that shall bring together the skies and the earth. The storms that I summon shall destroy all evil, and the breezes that I send shall nurture all babes!

Breeze of Beginning

Massive hit to foe's gods ATK



-PWR Required


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