[Revealing Hope] Urd

999 SUKI!
  • Zero2.0
  • Christian Trauco
  • Lucas Stocchero
  • Matei Marian
  • Patroclo Solano Rabago
  • Raymond Moyer
  • Jon Haugen
  • Scott Monk
  • Joossee Maariinn
  • Anh Chang Hang Xom
  • Anderson Silva
  • Pablo Leiyk Pereira Fear
  • Mario Andrés Osorio

[Revealing Hope] Urd

Unleashing all that is within me, now is the time to grasp freedom from the threads of fate. The shining ray of hope grants clarity upon our destinations. Together, let us pave a path to a future brimming with hope... Come, take my hand.

Prayer to Fate

Big boost to gods ATK/DEF



-PWR Required


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