[Iron Wings] Stymphalian

229 SUKI!
  • Bảo Bảo
  • Mandy Tan Hong Ying
  • Vivien Mjollnir
  • Kuota Oyamada
  • Senkey
  • Rea Muka
  • Digaloid AB
  • Kanoshii
  • Shin Megami Tensai
  • Michael Deshawn Thomas
  • MertCan Zafer
  • Dennis Chan
  • Jean Timlor

[Iron Wings] Stymphalian

It is said that the only way to defeat the bird with wings of iron is an arrow dipped in the venom of the hydra, shot skillfully into a chink between its metallic plates.

Iron Wing

Medium hit to foe's gods DEF



-PWR Required


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