[Captivator] Lilith Liz

640 SUKI!
  • Zero2.0
  • Johannes Marques Del Queiroz
  • Josep Franqueza Martí
  • Lukman Nur Hakim
  • Aarón González
  • Ali Muhammet Bozdag
  • BokuwaTomodachi GaSukunai
  • José Díaz
  • LuCian Higurashi
  • Allodia D's Versavillia
  • Raymund Pada
  • Alejandro Rocha
  • Mark Spencer

[Captivator] Lilith Liz

I'm coming with you... No, I just want to keep an eye on my kid sister! What were you picturing? I asked what you were thinking! Are you listening to me?!

Kiss from Liz

Big boot to ATK (all)



-PWR Required


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