[Lord of Carnage] High Daemon

220 SUKI!
  • Zero2.0
  • Kensai-kun
  • Vivien Mjollnir
  • Senkey
  • Serena Chatlovsky
  • Michael Waters
  • Shin Megami Tensai
  • Michael Deshawn Thomas
  • Dennis Chan
  • Jean Timlor
  • Jivitesh Singh
  • Kevin Kang Hong Yen
  • Soydan Karadede

[Lord of Carnage] High Daemon

We've tried to be gentlemen with you, yet you insist upon forfeiting your life. So be it. There won't be any ashes left to sweep up by the time I am through with you.

Demon Raise

Medium boost to this card's ATK/DEF



-PWR Required


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