[Demonic Director] Dark General

573 SUKI!
  • Zero2.0
  • Arian Searcy
  • Josep Franqueza Martí
  • Lukman Nur Hakim
  • Bảo Bảo
  • Aarón González
  • Louigi Balao
  • LuCian Higurashi
  • Raymund Pada
  • Manuel Berrocal Blanco
  • Esteban Fusco
  • Tamarin Fambart
  • Mark Spencer

[Demonic Director] Dark General

Creatures of darkness! The Moon of the Chalice of Blood is at its fullest and is inundated with magic! Now is the time for a sweeping invasion! The world is now isolated and within our grasp!

Dark War Cry

Great boost to ATK (all)



-PWR Required


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