Dragon Master Marinyan

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Dragon Master Marinyan

I drew this card illustration for Takara Tomy’s “Duel Masters” at http://dm.takaratomy.co.jp/.

■I secretly hoped she would appear on the “Duel Masters Versus” anime,
and so I came up with a design that stood out and was easy to understand.

Now she’ll be appearing as a character in episode 19!
Of course, that decision may have been made from the beginning, lol.
I was really moved seeing my own character come to life!
I even got to have my card illustration featured heavily in the commercial break eyecatch and the Due Damashii segment before the next episode previews.
I was very happy.

Also, the “Faerie Life” card that appeared in the anime was also drawn by me.
This caught me by surprise as well, lol.

■You can see images of the production process on my website, so please take a look.

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