That Tickles, Sis!

54 SUKI!
  • Princesse-dokidoki
  • Jessi Fitzgerald
  • Elizabeth Resendiz
  • teddishepherd
  • Esteban Fusco
  • สุภศิษฺฏิ์ ภูมิบุญ
  • Usaco Hashimoto
  • Naludat Rajchawat
  • Jhonatan Luiz Campos
  • Hernan Molina Ham
  • Takaaki  Ichimori
  • Scotty Neko Chan

That Tickles, Sis!

This is a personification of Alfort’s matcha chocolate.
The matcha flavor is best savored while intoxicated on the atmosphere of Kyoto.
Younger sister: That tickles, sis!”
Older sister: “Hehe…”

I’ll leave the rest to your imagination♪

This is featured in Aoikajitsu (*ノ艸ノ)
It’s also consigned in COMICzin.

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