Child of Miare

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Child of Miare

Commissioned drawing for Lolidere circle.
(I gave them permission to sell it as a print at 2012's Japan Expo.)

Because of her special ability, Akyuu owns the memories of all their previous reincarnations, that means she has the memories of 8 different generations apart from hers (she's the ninth 'Child of Miare'). Where the memories of their ancestors end and their own memories begin? With this in mind I tried to draw Akyuu with a melancholy feeling. Hope you like it.

Btw, my favourite arrange of Akyuu's theme "Japanese Saga" is
Buta-Otome's "Touchuu Aika".


PaintTool SAI
Adobe Photoshop CS5
Wacom Intuos3 A5 Graphics Tablet

Hieda no Akyuu from Touhou Project is (C) Team Shanghai Alice

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