Expotaku 2012

292 SUKI!
  • Will Iam
  • Paula
  • Princesse-dokidoki
  • Palsa
  • Hoang Manh Nguyen
  • Qato Miaumel Jimenez
  • Carlos Angulo
  • Quoc Dinh
  • Love VolcaloidxAnimex
  • Alex Payá Corella
  • Olimarc
  • Mark Spencer
  • BigBear68

Expotaku 2012

Commissioned by Expotaku.

This is the poster for Expotaku tour 2012 (a bunch of manganime conventions that are going to take place this year in different locations in Spain). They requested me the illustration for the potser and its layout.

It was one of the most complex backgrounds I have ever done, but I'm rather proud of the result. I used a free stock photo of Akihabara for reference, photomanipulated a lot and redrew most of the elements above it. You can compare with the original one in the credits.

Hope you like it~
It was a nice commission to do.


PaintTool SAI
Adobe Photoshop CS5
Wacom Intuos3 A5 Graphics Tablet

Kimono pattern by gimei (http://gimei.deviantart.com)
Photo reference for the background by Ren Bucholz: http://www.free-photos.biz/photographs/consumer_products/electronics/354145_akihabara_electric_town_2.php

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