Cosplayer - Madrid, Spain
Welcome to my cosplay page! I'm Laura, a costume-making and video game enthusiast from Spain. All the costumes and props you can see here are made by me (unless said otherwise).



  • Garrus Vakarian

    Making this costume was a dream come true. I'm really proud I could make this armor from scratch. Besides that, I tried several techniques to make it look good and I'm really happy with the result. I'll never stop making Mass Effect costumes!

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  • Nina Williams

    still can't believe Pugoffka got to take these incredible pictures of me as Nina Williams. I had a wonderful time making this costume and I won the first place at the Namco Bandai TTT2 spanish cosplay contest.

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  • Poison

    I made this costume in a rush, in one day, just to have fun shooting. And I did! I love Poison's story and the controversy she generates. Besides her obviously slutty appearance, It's a really interesting character.

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  • Dragon's Prophet

    Infernum Productions hired me to make this awesome armor set from their Dragon's Prophet game. Thanks to them, I was able to attend Gamescom 2013 and I had a wonderful experience working as a booth cosplayer.

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About Me


Cosplayer / Madrid, Spain

My cosplay passion comes from my love for video games. I'm a very creative individual, so I just wasn’t content with myself with playing, I wanted to bring homage to them by bringing them to life.

For me, cosplaying is like becoming a living fan art!
I really love learning and I find cosplaying is a great hobby for me to improve my skills and learn about different artistic techniques, materials, hair styling, make up, painting, sculpting, etc. Besides crafting, one of my favoruite parts is photo shooting.

As my costuming skills became better, my creative curiosity grew. So I usually make cosplay of characters and games I love, but I also enjoy making costumes of designs I find interesting and challenging.

  • UsernameNebulaluben
  • GenderFemale
  • Birthday06/17/1987
  • ExperienceSince 2008
  • Region Madrid, Spain
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