NieR ~ Kaine - cheeky boy, aren't cha.

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NieR ~ Kaine - cheeky boy, aren't cha.

All behind Kaine's cosplay.

As some of You, that know me well, just know, that Kaine is just all the way opposition of me.
I'm not bitchy ( unless I'm mad, but it's more in private stuff than yelling it all around), I'm not "sexy all the way down", I'm maybe in 15% as her, but I loved her as character, I get attached to her story, while playing NieR, currently for the 3rd time.

On the shoot, I just played her. You just can't imagine, how it was funny, not to laugh making all those face expressions and really, there was a lot of situations when I just laugh and said " hold on, have to stop laughing and start being serious".

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