【Gakupo X Rin】MAGNET - Cosplay PV


Concept and Edit by Kura Inran

Lyel as Kamui Gakupo

Kura Inran as Kagamine Rin

Camera by Digitalshot

Makinf of Video :

Kura Inran speaking ! This was the very first video for all of us, so I hope you'll be indulgent with the defaults. We are aware of some of them but critics are still welcome
The lipsync, the editing, the sharpness of the picture would need some improvement for a next time. The whole video has been filmed in an afternoon after having prepared the several scenes, in somes places witch had a bad luminosity. The fact that we're leaving far away from each other didn't allow us to film some footage again to correct some the flaws, but we're happy to share this work with you!

The Gakupo/Rin duet is not the official version of the song, but this is the one I prefer, because I think the voice are according well with each other on this song.
Moreover, the impossible love corresponds well with the fact that Gakupo is an adult while Rin is still a child. I have my own interpretation of the fact that they both don't dare to open the door. Indeed, I imagine that being an adult, Gakupo can't allow himself to have such a relationship. He can only make her think that her feelings toward him aren't shared. So, for me, Gakupo forbids himself to open the door while Rin is only afraid of being rejected, and run away from a reality that she doesn't want to face.

Thanks for reading this, I hope you'll like this video!

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