08 Natto

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08 Natto

Every country has their own unique fermented food that often cause foreigners to be absolutely amazed or downright frightened. When fermentation is involved, there will always be a local attempting to convince a foreigner to try the food because it tastes better than it looks. That’s what they all say everwhere around the world.

Although its distinct scent and stickiness makes this particular type of fermented soy bean appear to be inedible, soy sauce and mustard brings out a mysterious deliciousness hidden behind its appearance. Natto is one of those foods that causes mixed opinions (even amongst Japanese people) that you either love or hate. It is something that is worth trying… I think.

For those who do not wish to be a part of this fermented adventure, please take the time now to stir together everything you just read about natto together with the sukumizu swimsuit you see, and keep it somewhere in the back of your head.

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