Queen of time

13 SUKI!
  • Andres Moran
  • Makoto  Kusanagi
  • Tiến Nguyễn
  • ヴィド あるて
  • Alex Payá Corella
  • kureiji otaku
  • Sakurai Getsumori
  • Hideki Nakayama
  • Tetsuro KOKUMAI
  • QuidGS
  • 4Qgami
  • Oleg Tsoy
  • rocksatori

Queen of time

First of all I would like to create a bright, recognizable image which would be looked well on a t-shirt. I think that's will be cool to do something in Huke's style, but not to repeat all from he's technical side, and in a main think - to place same from me on a base from Huke.

Also I must say that I loved a S;G it's my fav serial after Guilty Crown (sorry pls ;3)

Painting: paint tool SAI; Finishing: Photoshop + Illustrator CS6; Time: 1 . 0 56914

\\ Awaiting for a Stains;Gate choice.
\\ Good luck.
\\ El psy congroo.

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