Princess of cosplay

14 SUKI!
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  • Alexey  Kobzar

Omi-chan is truly stunning.She has such a beautiful face and tight little body.Also,her costumes are some of the best i have ever seen.I think all are homemade by her.

Tags and costumes by Omi Gibson :
Rowdy Reiko from game Rumble Roses xx bikini version and black latex cat versions. ghost in the shell kusanagi major motoco stand alone complex manipulation and special effect on weapons masamune and tachikoma cyborg in human raiden from metal gera solid from virtual play sniper wolf and Meryl vs Solid snake katsukon katsucon purle and violet one from street fighter police agent (not a dildo) !!! Eva from snake eater sucker punch catsuit and rin in red and deep fetish costume jill valentine from game resident evil bullets and funny smile from revy in black lagoon my hero in part anime in part amv in part a slide of photos XD
One of the best and biggest cosplayer in Japan and Asia.
Crazy for U princess
Thanks Omi-chan
foLLow me fans of fanservice for more fun in next videos
Just a selection of nightcore and trance music not a mix.

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