Dragon ball Z Stop Motion - Piccolo VS Trunks

87 SUKI!
  • Diana Yamileth
  • Paolo Carreño Kiefer
  • Andres Juarez
  • Nilisha ShaRlet Drew
  • Jeffrey Rio
  • Suleyma Leal
  • Marina Ruiz
  • Oskar David Diaz Hernandez
  • Natalia Bermea
  • Gabriel Montero
  • Karina Gonzàlez
  • Jesus G Carrillo
  • Trez Kushrenada

I am always a big fan of Dragon Ball, its my childhood, and..finally!!, Dragon ball stop motion, this will be the first episode for my Dragon Ball Z stop motion series, there will be Goku, Cell, Vegeta, Freeza,etc in the future episodes.
This video took me around 1 month of production and nearly 5000 pictures combined.
Episode 2 should be released around May-June 2013, thanks for watching :D

Facebook : Counter656

Behind the scenes : http://counter656-productions.blogspot.tw

Music: Chala head Chala Remix

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