Mari (Casual)

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Mari (Casual)

Cosplayed by one of my most favorite Filipino cosplayer, Jin Joson.


  • Dennis Li

    Hi. I am the photographer of the cosplayer (and all photos I posted on my page are mine). I am sorry about the wording of the title. I was in a hurry while posting this photo and the first word that came to mind was "casual". I am sorry if I offended you and I appreciate the correction you sited. Sadly I do not know how to edit posts here... I will edit the name once I find out how. Cheers.

  • Li An

    That's not a casual version of Mari. It's her school uniform version. I don't want to be rude but before you post someone else's photo do some research on his/her cosplay. And kindly cite the source where you got this photo. It's a way of respect to the real owners (cosplayer and photographer) of the photo. :3c