Cosplayer - Thailand
Hello everyone and welcome! I wish you guys enjoy my cosplay, and I hope it makes you smile! God bless you.



  • Black Rock Shooter / Insane Black Rock Shooter

    I love BRS so much. The first time I saw IBRS I felt like I was falling in love with her! It took me seven days to make this costume.

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  • Miku Racing Queen 2012

    I took me five days to make this costume by hand. I couldn’t ever stop cosplaying Hatsune Miku because she is so cute. She will be a great character to me forever.

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  • Battle of the Immortal / Heretic

    This was one of the hardest costumes I ever made. It took me 1.5 months to make. I love that she looks so powerful and beautiful, but you can also sense some darkness.

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  • Beleth / Lineage Online

    This was my first armor cosplay style. It took me 2-3 months to make. I love to cosplay as him so much. On the game, I died so many times because of him.

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  • Bard / Forsaken world

    I love this character so much, so I started making the costumes after I played the game. It took me four weeks to make this costume.

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About Me


Cosplayer / Thailand

My name is YukiGodbless and I’m a cosplayer from Thailand who represented at the World Cosplay Summit 2011. I have a cosplay show called “YukiGodbless and JiakiDarkness Cosplay Live.” We have performed and judged cosplay in many countries. All of my cosplay costumes are handmade down to the last detail.

Also, I’m 23 years old, and I was born into an artistic family. I’m a gamer, and I love anime. I’m a big fan of GLAY. I believe in God and living out the life I am creating.

  • UsernameYukiGodbless
  • GenderFemale
  • Birthday1989/09/04
  • Height172 cm
  • Blood TypeAB
  • Zodiac SignLeo
  • RegionAsia

    More About Me!

    Why YukiGodbless?

    YukiGodbless is my cosplay name. "Yuki" mean snow in Japanese, and one of the lines from my favorite band GLAY is "God bless you". When I heard it, I felt so safe and blessed, so I created the cosplay name YukiGodbless.

    My Cosplay Memories

    - Featured two times on Cosmode Thailand cover (vol.003 and 014)
    - Hong Kong Halloween Treat Southeast Asia Cosplayer Guest 2010
    - Thailand Representative to World Cosplay Summit 2011
    - Cosplay Mania [Phillipines] Cosplayer Guest Star and Judge
    - Clash on AFAID Cosplay Guest and Judge 2012
    - Four Daily Deviation from deviantART
    - YukiGodbless JiakiDarkness Cosplay Live 2011-2013

    My Cosplay and Costumes

    I started to cosplay when I was 17 years old, and it has already been seven years. I cosplay because I want to show my love for from a person’s imagination, fantasy, or music. I am also inspired by my cosplay partner JiakiDarkness. I cosplay now, and I always will.

    As you may know, Jiakidarkness and I hand make every single detail on our costumes. We only use EVA material and paint with chinese brushes. When I make my costumes, I feel happy and closer to the characters.

    Cosplay Events

    YukiGodbless&JiakiDarkness Cosplay Live 2013

    YukiGodbless&JiakiDarkness Cosplay Live 2013 on 08/04/2013 at Leantong Rayong, Thailand. I hope to see you guys there, this is our first live cosplay performance in this year. As I have said with JiakiDarkness "We going to burn the stage!"

    World Cosplay Summit 2011

    This was one of my most beautiful memories in my life. We never knew that one day our cosplay would bring us the biggest prize, but we still dreamed about it and fought to reach for it. I have many beautiful memories of WCS.

    Cosplay Mania 2011 at Philippines

    I was the guest and cosplay judge that year. I met very nice people and could sense how much they loved to cosplay. It was the first time I met Pinky, a cosplay from Indonesia. She is now my good friend and also a very great cosplayer. Not only is cosplay great in Philippines, but the people there are also so nice and taught a lot. I was able to make many memories. I still pray to the Mother Maria I brought from the Philippines every night.

    Clash on AFAID 2012

    Indonesia is a special country that I always wished to visit and cosplay at for so long. It is still one of my favorite countries. I was able to make a lot of beautiful memories and friends in Indonesia.