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The TOM Fan Club is a fan club exclusive to TOM fans who want to have their voices heard and meet fellow fun, nice otaku friends on Facebook. Get exclusive deals, bonus TOM Points, latest news and lots more fun stuff from us while interacting directly with awesome TOM staff!

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  • Review and sign a non-disclosure agreement.
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1. Review the TOM Fan Club Guidelines.

TOM Fan Club Mission

The TOM Fan Club is a trial fan club exclusive to TOM fans who want to have their voices heard and meet fellow fun, nice otaku friends on Facebook.

Terms of Use

In order to keep the group a pleasant place for everyone, please adhere to the following guidelines. Your posts will be shared with all members in the group, so please do not use language or content that would insult or offend the group or any individual.

Note that these guidelines are incorporated into the Tokyo Otaku Mode Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy.

Prohibited Content

If a user commits any of the following violations, either intentionally or unintentionally, we reserve the right to take action including but not limited to: editing or deleting the content without notice and permanently banning membership.

  • Posting content that does not follow the theme; posting spam; posting multiple posts with the same content.
  • Posting content aimed to negatively impact the group or its members.
  • Discussing criminal actions.
  • Use of inappropriate or aggressive language.
  • Posting discriminatory content that insults a group or any individual.
  • Infringing upon TOM’s or any third party’s intellectual property (copyright, trademark, etc.)
  • Infringing upon an individual’s rights or right to privacy.
  • Harassment of any kind.
  • Arguing with other users; sending private messages.
  • Posting commercials, advertisements, or religious content.
  • Posting personal information about yourself or other individuals.
  • Impersonating another person or taking actions that might reasonably be mistaken as the actions of another.
  • Attempting to harm or obstruct the operation or use of this group.
  • Taking any other actions that are considered to be inappropriate by TOM at our sole discretion.

2. Review and sign a non-disclosure agreement

By signing this, you make it possible for us to share secret news, sneak peek updates, and confidential information with you and other TOM Fan Club members.

Non-Disclosure Agreement: For Tokyo Otaku Mode Facebook Group Members

TO: Naomitsu Kodaka, Representative Director,
Tokyo Otaku Mode Co. Ltd.

I hereby acknowledge and/or covenant all of the following:

  1. Upon becoming involved (including without limitation entering into an employment, service contract, secondment or otherwise any other working or trading agreement, or any involvement with individuals or business services which may or may not constitute a working or trading agreement prior to incorporation thereof; same hereinafter) with Tokyo Otaku Mode Co. Ltd. (including without limitation the American subsidiary, its, Japan Branch and/or other affiliate companies; hereinafter “Company”), with regard to any business, technical, financial, organizational or trade information, trade secrets, know-how, personal information (including without limitation information related to individuals which may be used to identify any particular person; same hereinafter) or any other tangible or intangible information (including without limitation all information prior to submission of this non-disclosure agreement such as those during the preparation for the incorporation of the Company; hereinafter “Confidential Information”) which have come into my knowledge (including without limitation via conversation, reading, writing, e-mail, projector slides, or any other storage mediums, and including both those known or those which could have been known; same hereinafter), I shall obey the following:
    1. I shall not, without prior consent of the Company, disclose, divulge or reproduce any Confidential Information to or for the benefit of any third party besides officers and/or employees of the Company, or use personally or via such third party any Confidential Information;
    2. I shall, upon disclosure or use of materials incorporating Confidential Information (hereinafter “Confidential Materials”) to or for the benefit of a third party as consented by the Company, be responsible for procuring such third parties to obey the confidentiality and usage obligations under this non-disclosure agreement, and shall be jointly liable for any breach by such third parties;
    3. I shall handle all personal information in a lawful and appropriate manner; and
    4. I shall promptly return, or upon request by the Company, destroy, all Confidential Materials, including without limitation all copies and/or reproductions thereof, when the purpose of use has been completed, when the necessity of use has ceased, or when requested by the Company.
  2. I acknowledge that, notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, that information which have already been publically released (to be defined as the act of public release taken pursuant to Article 30 of the Enforcement Ordinance of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act of Japan; same hereinafter) at the point of coming into my knowledge, or which is publically released after coming into my knowledge (as evidenced by myself and accepted by the Company) shall not constitute Confidential Information.
  3. I acknowledge that the Company makes no representation whatsoever on the accuracy, legality or non-infringement of any Confidential Information, and that the Company shall not be liable at all for any product I make which is derived from or based on such Confidential Information.
  4. I acknowledge that, unless as expressly provided by the Company in writing otherwise, any disclosure of Confidential Information by the Company to myself shall in no way constitute any transfer or assignment of any intellectual properties incorporated therein (including without limitation copyrights (including for the avoidance of doubt rights defined under Articles 27 and 28 of the Copyright Act of Japan), patent rights, utility model rights, trademarks and service marks, design rights and know-how, and including both registered rights and the right to obtain and/or register such rights; same hereinafter) to myself, nor constitute any consent or approval for myself to create or consent any implementation, usage or other similar rights thereto.
  5. I shall indemnify all damages incurred by the Company due to a breach of any item contained herein.
  6. Upon the end of my involvement with the Company, I shall return or destroy, as instructed by the Company, all Confidential Materials, including without limitation all copies and/or reproductions thereof, and covenant to the Company that I am no longer in possession of any Confidential Information, and regardless of the end of my involvement with the Company, shall not disclose or divulge any Confidential Information to any third party or use any Confidential Information for any purpose whatsoever.
  7. I acknowledge that this non-disclosure agreement shall be governed by the laws of Japan, and that any disputes in relation to this non-disclosure agreement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court or Tokyo Summary Court as the court of first instance.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I hereby agree to and shall abide with all provisions in the non-disclosure agreement above, and put forth my signature below for the benefit of your company.

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