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Sword Art Online Cybersecurity Month Event to Be Held!
For two days on March 4 (Sat.) and 5 (Sun.), a Cybersecurity Month event collaborating with Sword Art Online titled “Cyber Kogeki o Mokugeki se yo!” (“Witness a Cyber Attack!”) will be held at Bellesalle Akihabara.
This public awareness event is being held in cooperation with the National Center of Incident Readiness and Strategy for Cybersecurity (NISC), Information Technology Promotion Agency Japan (IPA), and private enterprises. On Saturday, March 4, voice actor Yoshitsugu Matsuoka—the voice of protagonist Kirito who was appointed cybersecurity investigator for this year’s Cybersecurity Month—will appear as a special guest for a talk event.

The following day on Sunday, March 5, a talk event will be held with members of the main staff including series creator Reki Kawahara, illustrator Tomohiko Ito, and character designer and chief animation director Shingo Adachi, as well as Mizuho Habu of the idol group Keyakizaka 46. A booklet with an original Sword Art Online story written just for this event by Himura Kiseki will also be given out to attendees while supplies last).

For more details on this event, check the link below.
(http://isec-csm.ipa.go.jp/](http://isec-csm.ipa.go.jp/) (Japanese only)

If you’ll be in Japan in time for the event, make sure to head over to Akihabara!