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SAO the Movie: Ordinal Scale x Xperia Ear Collaboration Announced!
A collaboration with Xperia Ear in celebration of the movie’s release in Japan has been announced!

Xperia Ear is a new smart product that equips to your ear and enables you to communicate hands free! You can send texts, make calls, update your schedule, and do other tasks you’ve done on your smartphone up until now by simply conversing with the “Assistant” built into Xperia Ear with no need to take your smartphone out of your pocket or purse.
The collaborative Xperia Ear model not only comes in a special box, but responsible for being your Assistant is none other than Asuna!
Just by equipping Xperia Ear, Asuna will talk to you and support you every day as if she was right beside you. When you want to make a call, save a date, check the news or more, Asuna will converse with you. Those who already own Xperia Ear can download the Xperia Ear Asuna plug-in and switch their Assistant’s voice to Asuna’s.

You can hear sample voice clips on the special collaboration site below!

A special collaborative model of the headphones worn by Kirito and Asuna in the movie have also been announced!
They feature original engravings and come in a specially designed SAO package. Two versions of the headphones as well as collaborative Walkman are available for pre-order for a limited time!
http://www.sony.jp/walkman/store/special/a-sao-os/ (Japanese)