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SAO Meets Traditional Handicrafts in the Upcoming “Sword Art Traditional” Collaboration!
A collaboration between Sword Art Online and traditional Japanese handicrafts has been announced! A total of ten different items will be available for purchase.

Sword Art Traditional
1. Edo Kiriko (Tokyo) × Glassware
Edo Kiriko is a glass craft passed down from the Edo period, using the technique of cutting patterns into the surface of glass.

2. Kyo-kuromontsuki (Kyoto) × Book Cover
3. Kyo-kuromontsuki (Kyoto) × Totebag
Kyo-kuromontsuki is a traditional technique used to dye clothing black, originating from Kyoto in the 1600s.

4. Kyo-sensu (Kyoto)
Kyo-sensu are traditional fans from Kyoto, made with folded paper and thin slats of bamboo. They are known for their delicate form and exceeding elegant designs.

5. Takaoka douki (Toyama) × Letter Opener
Takaoka douki refers to handmade copper crafts produced in Takaoka City in Toyama, Japan.

6. Byoubu (Tokyo)
Byoubu are traditional Japanese folding screens which are often decorated with beautiful paintings.

7. Kishu Shikki (Wakayama) × Nail Clippers
Kishu Shikki is the Japanese craft and decorative art of lacquer coating. It is used on a wide variety of objects, from everyday items such as kitchenware to religious objects such as Buddha statues.

8. Satsuma-yaki (Kagoshima) × Cup and Saucer
Satsuma-yaki, or Satsuma ware, is a type of pottery originating from the Satsuma region (modern day Kagoshima). Traditionally, black Satsuma-yaki were for ordinary citizens, while white Satsuma-yaki were for lords.

9. Kokeshi (Gunma)
Kokeshi are Japanese dolls made of wood, consisting of a round head and cylindrical body. It is said that the shape of Nintendo’s Mii avatars were inspired by Kokeshi!

10. Awawashi (Tokushima) × Bookmark
Awawashi is a type of traditional Japanese washi paper produced in Awa City in Tokushima, Japan. Washi paper is has a unique texture and beautiful designs, and can be used to make all sorts of objects, or even as wrapping paper.

Wait for the details to be updated soon!!

*Sample of the SAO Kokeshi set.