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Exclusive Advance “Sword” Ticket to Be Sold at Comic Market 91 in Japan!
It's just an advance ticket...or so I thought----

At Comic Market 91, to be held from Dec. 29 (Thu.) to 31 (Sat.) in Japan, advance sword-shaped tickets to Sword Art Online the Movie: Ordinal Scale will be on sale at the Aniplex booth! With this ticket, fans can hold in their hands the sword Kirito uses in the movie! The ticket is a pun that plays on the sound of the words “ticket” and “sword” in Japanese, which are both pronounced “ken.” The ticket has a handle attached and is available to use in theaters throughout Japan. With this, fans can look forward to seeing the movie in theaters while enjoying feeling a bit like Kirito. If you’ll be at Comic Market, don’t miss it!

Dimensions (approx.): 720 x 93 mm (including ticket portion)
Materials: thick paper, styrene board
Price: ¥2,000 (tax included) (includes advance ticket good at theaters in Japan)

Comic Market 91
Dec. 29 (Thu.) to 31 (Sat.), 2016
10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (ends at 4:00 p.m. on Dec. 31)

Limit 10 per person. Available only while supplies last.
Ticket pictured is for reference only.

News on premier screenings around the world and more will be announced soon, so stay tuned!