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Special Site Opens! Twitter Message Campaign Begins!
A special site for Sword Art Online the Movie: Ordinal Scale set to be released in 2017 has opened on Tokyo Otaku Mode!
And we’re calling on SAO fans everywhere to send in messages about the series.

Send your messages via Twitter with the hashtag #TOM_SAO and they’ll be published anonymously to the site. Your favorite episode, favorite scene, favorite character - let us know your burning thoughts about SAO!
Also get the exclusive official wallpaper here!!

Example Messages from Japanese Twitter:
“A good anime can be seen countless times without losing its charm. Such anime can be enjoyed for both its nostalgic moments and new developments. SAO is without a doubt this type of anime.”

SAO is a series that will give you the feels and make you shed a tear time and time again. I’m glad to see the story of Kirito and co. unfold day after day. No SAO No Life!”

“It all started with seeing SAO unexpectedly on TV… The first episode pulled me completely into the world, and by the second episode I wanted to see every moment of Kirito’s and Asuna’s adventures! Even today that feeling hasn’t changed!”


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